Ways to clean the kitchen floor tiles

The bad looking tiles of the kitchen:

Floor tiles are most prone to the dirt and waste because we walk on them with our slippers having a lot of dirt on the sole. Other things which make the tiles look bad are the waste of kitchen and the scum of soap. The dirty floor can turn your kitchen from a place of good ambiance to a place needing sanitization.

Can I clean them?

The good news is that yes, it is possible to clean the tiles of the kitchen. You can make them look totally new. There are many ways to clean the dirty tiles of the kitchen. The part needing more attention is the space between the tiles which catches the most part of the waste and completely looks black.

Ways of cleaning:

There are many ways of cleaning the tiles. All the ways are effective but you have to clean thoroughly in order to achieve the 100% result. Let’s have a look at all of them:

1: Sweeping the floor daily with vacuum cleaner or brush:

The best option is to clean the floor daily. In this way, you will not allow the dirt or waste to settle on the tiles and the spaces between them. Sweeping the floor daily will remove the dirt and the debris and mopping the floor will completely remove the dirt and debris and it will shine the floor.

2: Wet mopping:

If the floor is a little bit dirtier and the stains are there. Then you can simply mop it. Always clean the mop after mopping the floor. Another way of mopping is to mix detergent in the water before soaking the mop in it. The water mixed with detergent can clean the floor better than the simple water. And after mopping with the detergent water, use a dry mop to wipe the water from the floor.

3: Using the dry mop:

After mopping with the wet mop, do remember to use the dry mop to wipe the floor. This will completely remove the thin layer of water and it will not allow the dirt to sit on it.

4: Clean the waste immediately:

If a glass filled with juice or any dish of food fell on the floor, then immediately wipe the floor to clean the spilled liquid. The stains will be darker and harder to clean if the spilled liquid rests for a long time on the floor.

5: Applying the disinfectant:

The meat and the blood of the humans, as well as animals, can be the cause of infection over the floor. So if you or your animal ever has an accident and the blood drops on the floor then immediately clean the floor and then apply disinfectant over the area. The same process must be followed if you drop a piece of raw meat on the floor.

6: Cleaning the mildew:

Mildew is a fungus which accumulates on the floor due to the humidity. So open the windows of the kitchen to avoid the accumulation of the mildew and if your tiles ever get it, then use the ammonia solution to remove it.