4 Reasons Carpet Doesn’t Belong In A Kitchen

carpet and laminate flooring to choose fromWhenever you think about interior designing and decoration of your house, carpeting comes as a strong option when you think about the floor. Indeed, it is a good option for the decoration of floor.
Benefits of carpeting:
Carpeting has multiple benefits as well. It is also affordable and lasts for a long time. Carpet also gives soft and warm feeling to the feet. They are also excellent in absorbing sound and noise hence making your house peaceful and sound proof. The best benefit of carpet is that they add to the beauty and décor of your house.
Varieties in carpet:
Nowadays, carpets are available in various patterns and colors. They are also available in customized designs. Hence, they significantly increase the beauty of your house with their colorful designs and exquisite patterns.
Although, there are many benefits of carpeting, but there are some disadvantages of using it too especially in the kitchen. Let’s have a detailed look at some of the disadvantages of using it in a kitchen:
1: They get stained easily:
picture of wine staining kitchen carpetCarpets are made of special types of fabric and threads. They can get stained easily. No matter how much you wash them, it is impossible to save them from stains. And if they are used in the kitchen, then the chances of staining are greater as you will be dealing with spices and curries. No matter how much care you put in dealing with these things, but the carpet will surely catch some stains in the kitchen.
2: They are not made up of healthy chemicals:
Remember the moment you entered the shop for purchasing carpet and you smelled something different in the air of the shop. Well, this smell is of the chemicals used in the manufacturing of the carpets. Carpets are not made up of healthy chemicals. There are some unhealthy chemicals used in it too. There are various dyes, chemicals, and synthetic materials used in the manufacturing of carpet. These substances keep releasing gasses for many years and this smell is caused by these substances. Hence, these gasses can be toxic and they are not suitable for the kitchen where the food is exposed.
3: Home to the dust mites:
Carpets hold dust no matter how much you clean them. Due to the dust, they are home to the tiny dust loving mites. The mites can even spread some diseases so it is not safe to have a carpet in your kitchen where these mites may prey on the food items.
4: Cleaning thick liquids is a mess:
You will always be using liquids in the kitchen. Many times, these liquids can fall off. Cleaning the heavy liquids like yogurt or curries from carpet is the worst task one can expect to do. The upper surface of carpets is made of thin threads with tiny spaces in between them. The liquids get stuck in between these spaces and cleaning them completely is not an easy task. You may have to completely remove the carpet for cleaning it.